Enterprise Grade Time Tracking, Project Transparency, and Analytics Made Simple

Our easy to use platform will save you time, money, and headaches!

Time tracking, updating clients, managing payables & receivables, and tracking revenue/profits/utilization requires a lot of work. Scoreboard was made to make all these headaches a thing of the past.

Simply Powerful Time Tracking
Our easy to use billing timers automatically update project budgets, employee utilization, and revenue projections. Integrations like JIRA and GitHub automatically associate work blocks to line items.
Live Analytics & Transparency
Track project budgets, revenue, and utilization to improve your bottom line. Make customers happier with real-time access to progress and budget status while saving time on project updates.
Seamless Invoicing & Payments
Generate invoices, automatically reconcililing variable contractor and project billing rates, with a single click. ACH payments further simplify collection of receivables and contractor payments.

Simple Tools and Integrated Data

Scoreboard makes running your back office a snap! Billing timers track your team's work on multiple projects and correlates work completed during that time via third party product integrations like GitHub providing transparent reporting of both time and work output. Likewise project burndown graphs demonstrate your team's progress against your ideal delivery date.

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Better Analytics for Improved Outcomes

It’s vital to understand your company’s core business metrics to improve your estimates based on past performance, save money, and improve your output. After all, “When performance is measured, performance improves.” Scoreboard enables you to view your revenue and costs, check the status of each project and its budget, and track your employee utilization in real time.

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Transparency for Fewer Surprises

Keeping a client in the loop is vital but time consuming. Scoreboard liberates your data to let clients see the work being done on their project, the status of their budget, view upcoming and past invoices, and pay their bills in real time! Scoreboard also provides automated and custom update emails to keep your clients aware of progress even if they don't log in.

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