Macbook invoicing

One Click Invoicing

Our one click solution makes it easy to generate professional Invoices for all your contractors and clients, getting you paid quickly and securely.

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Automated Invoicing Feature

Professional Grade Invoices

Draft invoices for a given project, pulling in all of the line items and automatically calculating the subtotal. Set the time period if there are items you do not wish to include, and leave notes for your client.

Once you finalize the invoice your client will be emailed with a PDF copy and a link for viewing on Scoreboard

Backfill invoices, or simply create a new one that's not based on previous hourly billings. You set the total, due date, discounts, and other information with the click of a button.

Secure Payments Solutions

Pay and Get Paid in Scoreboard

Scoreboard leverages Stripe to bring you secure, online, flat fee ACH payments.

Once bank account information has been stored securely with Stripe's help, you and your account managers are free to pay contractor invoices, as well as recieve payments from your clients.

These online payments come with a 1% fee, with a max fee of $8.25

This means if your invoice total is $10,000 the fee is still only $8.25 to receive payment directly through Scoreboard.

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