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Project Management

Projects have a lot of moving parts: team members, clients, the budget, deliverables. Monitor the budget, see what your team is up to, and give your clients automated daily updates through one application, Scoreboard!

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Increased Project Management

Extensive Project Analytics

Monitor the recent billings, budget, utilization, invoice history and more from your Project dashboard.

Invite your clients to view this dashboard, or simply send them email updates from it. Emails sent from the dashboard will contain any uninvoiced items in the date range specified, along with a custom title & message.

Augment through Integrations

Unlimited Integrations

Scoreboard loves integrations

Authenticate Github or Jira and link a repository through the project integrations feature, and Scoreboard will automatically match your commits with your billing entries, as well provide you a burndown chart based on your milestones.

Got an idea for Scoreboard's next integration? Give us a holler at, or see our support page for more info

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