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Time Tracking

Billing hourly can be a pain, let us track your time! Start up timers on multiple projects throughout the day. Once you're done working on a project, bill your hours and have them rolled into your next invoice.

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Intuitive Timers

Easy. Accurate. Billed

Starting a timer is as easy as typing in the project name, telling your clients what you're working on, and pressing start.

Have to start working on another project? Pause your active timer and fire up a second timer for the project you're about to start working on. Or just fire up another timer, your active timer will be paused automatically.

Done working? Press the stop button to bill your clients with the time you've accumulated throughout the day.

Client Transparency

Clients love updates

While you're timing, your clients see what you're doing and how long you've been doing it.

Historical billings are available from the project's activity feed, increasing project transparency, and giving you and your client true peace of mind

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